First Communion – Preparation for Children

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is a two-year process. Many children begin their preparation in Grade 1, but children are welcome to begin or continue Sacrament preparation at any grade level. To begin the Sacrament Preparation program, students must be enrolled in the Parish School or Religious Education program.

Students enrolled in their second year of Religious Education, or second year of attendance at St. John Fisher School, are automatically part of the Sacrament Preparation program. Students who have completed the first year of preparation at a different Catholic school or Religious Education program will need to provide documentation of attendance when they continue their preparation at St. John Fisher.

Families will be directly involved in all Sacramental programs. During the second year of preparation, parents are expected to attend four classes to help them prepare their children for the sacraments.

Baptism for Children Grade 1 and above is called Rite of Christian Initiation. This process is family-centered. Children are expected to attend Religious Education or Parish School classes according to their grade level. Families will be contacted during the first year of preparation to discuss the Christian Initiation program.



Justin Fontenot, Coordinator of Religious Education 310-377-4573 x136 or email