Altar Servers

Altar Servers are part of a very ancient tradition in the liturgical life of the church. They are expected to be appropriately prepared, committed to giving their time and talent to their parish community, and willing to serve God’s people. They should be able to understand the Eucharistic celebration and the other sacred rites.

Youth Altar Servers must be in at least fifth grade, received the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and active participants in either their Religious Education class or Religion class at SJF School. Acolytes are high school-aged altar servers who, in addition to the usual serving duties, mentor the younger servers.

The server is a member of the assembly who assists the priest and deacon during the Eucharist and other liturgical ceremonies so that the liturgy can be conducted with grace and reverence. Servers should be active and full participants in the celebration with the understanding that they are first and foremost members of the assembly. The server expresses this by singing, praying and keeping silence along with the rest of the assembly.


  • Carry the cross and the processional candles.
  • Hold the book for the priest celebrant when he is not at the altar.
  • Carry the incense and censer and present the bread and wine along with the water to the priest during the preparation of the gifts or assist him when he receives the gifts from the people.
  • Wash the hands of the priest, and assist the priest and deacon as necessary.


As with other ministries, individuals will be trained so they can conduct themselves appropriately. Training is required and is held once a year.

Vesture and Position of the Server

Youth Servers will vest in white albs. At all celebrations, servers should be neat, clean and simply dressed.

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