Confirmation Preparation is a two-year process for high school-aged youth. Through sharing their own journey and interacting with others, teens identify and understand how God is working in their lives, and come to a new realization of faith with the parish community.


Year 1

In year one the goal is to gradually awaken in the life of the teens the reality of God and encourage the teens to participate in the life of the parish community. The teens select a sponsor who journeys with them throughout the process.

Year 2

Year 2 is a period of more intense preparation for understanding and living the Catholic Christian faith. The teens are led to a greater reverence for their Catholic faith, Scripture and tradition. The teens participate in a weekend retreat, a concentrated time away from normal activities and environment to reflect on the experience of God in their lives.

Year 2 Candidates need to sign up for our mini Retreat Reboots.

We are eager to reconnect and “check the temperature” of our Year 2 candidates, waiting to be Confirmed. This is a great opportunity to reconnect via Zoom to help our candidates, as they deal with the Lock-down and the challenges of our world pandemic.

Our Confirmation team is meeting our candidates in smaller, intimate groups and will be praying with and supporting them as they navigate their “new normal.”

Please sign up at your SchoolSpeak Confirmation Program page. Other information is there for your continued faith journey.

Katie Dante, Coordinator of Confirmation and Youth Ministry, 310-377-4573 ext 145