The St. John Fisher Agape ministry brings food, cleaning products, and clothing to the poor in Tijuana several times a year.

How can you help?  There are three ways you can participate in this wonderful ministry:

  • Time – Each group gladly welcomes helping hands, drivers with utility vehicles, and those willing to help with planning meetings. Whatever your schedule allows.
  • Treasure – You can contribute to St. John Fisher Charitable Outreach (Obra Buena). Contributions to Obra Buena are separate from our general collection, so they are not used to determine our archdiocesan church assessment or our Together in Mission goal. Every penny received is distributed to the needy in our community; the more you give, the more we distribute.  Direct monetary contributions are also welcomed. You will find Obra Buena coupons as part of your monthly coupon packet.  You can also give to Obra Buena online through Faith Direct.
  • Talent – You can donate your time as a volunteer at PV Resale.  You can dedicate your hours towards the funds Agape receives from PV Resale’s quarterly distributions.

* Adult Volunteers Only  *

Misty Jesse, Director of Evangelization 310-377-4573 ext 130