Teen Confirmation Year 1

The following criteria for participation has been established by our Pastor, Msgr. David A. Sork.

Criteria for Confirmation Eligibility (Summer & School Year Programs)

  • Weekend retreat in year 2 is mandatory
  • Regular attendance required to all Year 1 and Year 2 sessions.
  • Outside community service and prayer experiences are to be completed in addition to Reflection Papers on said topics.
  • Sponsor and Parent involvement extremely important.
  • Sponsors must be ACTIVE, practicing, adult Catholics. Sponsors must be Confirmed Catholic and, if married, married in the Catholic Church.
    Sponsor form must be completed by the sponsor and validated (with parish seal) by the sponsor’s home parish to indicate the sponsor is a member in good standing.
  • When candidates register, tuition fees are due, as well as a copy of Baptismal certificate must be attached (Candidates who were Baptized at SJF, need only furnish the approx. date/year of Baptism).
  • If applying to our Confirmation program from outside SJF parish, a letter from your pastor will be required to register here.
  • Regular Mass attendance by the candidate and family is necessary.

Summer Confirmation Eligibility

  • Students must apply for Summer Session using the Summer Registration Form. Space is limited. Tuition is due at time of application. (Note: Tuition checks will not be deposited until July 1.) Successful applicants will be notified by email the following week.
  • Students will be admitted to the Summer Session on a first-come, first-served basis. Summer priority goes to ACTIVE SJF parishioners, whose children have been in Catholic school for grades 7 and 8 and/or have consistently attended 7th and 8th grade R.E. classes. Students with longer history of RE/Catholic school attendance receive greater priority.
  • Summer Session students must attend all 6 July classes as well as 6 more set times during the school year, for a total of 12 sessions in Year 1.